Concept Group 13

We are back from the holiday break and have had one day  to get back into the routine again.  This session we used the “Don’t Fall Through the Ice”  activity that is in the vocabulary section.  This activity reviews the concepts one, a couple, few, and several.  The students spin a spinner with the vocabulary words printed on it.  They pick wet marbles as indicated and put them on top of tissue paper stretched across a plastic coffee container.  The marbles eventually get too heavy and fall through the paper to the bottom of the container.

I’ve found that anything with water seems to be a hit.  I have learned not to put the coffee containers on the tables too fast.  Children can’t seem to resist poking their fingers into taunt tissue paper.  I’ve done this activity several times and have found there are a lot of differences in tissue paper.  You may be surprised which paper turns out to be the strong or weak paper.  I usually just collect whatever tissue paper I can find  which ranges from the paper in shoe boxes to paper stuffed in gift bags.  We’ve also used Kleenex and brown paper towels in a pinch.  It’s worth testing it out to see how long it will actually last.  The amount of water used with the marbles and how drippy they are can make a difference on how long the paper lasts.  Today one of the adults double papered my opening and it never did break for the 20 minute period, even though we had the top filled with marbles.  Have a 2nd round of tissue paper available because you usually have to change the paper at least once.


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