Concept Group 14

This week we decide to do the bean bag toss activity.  We were able to use the gym which gave us more room.  The students formed two large circles.  We placed containers in the middle of the circle and had students take turns using a spinner to decide which container they should try to toss a bean bag into.  Our containers were round, square, and three sizes (small, medium, large).  We used the direction ” between” which meant they tossed the bean bag between two containers, and closest and farthest.  We spent the first 20 minutes doing this and then played a game of “Simon says”.  Up until this time we have introduced this game without having a penalty.  We  just pointed out students  caught not following the  direction.  This time we lined students up and gave directions such as stepping forward 3 steps.  When the students were caught they returned to the starting point.  It really pointed out the students who were not listening or had difficulty with impulse control.


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