Concept Group 15

Today we again found ourselves in the gym.  We set up an obstacle course that consisted of a very long jump rope, cones set up in a circle,  hula  hoops laid out on the floor in various patterns and cones that were rounded off rather than having the pointed tops.  We then lined the students up behind the jump rope that two adults held up between them.  The students were instructed to jump over the rope,  go around the cones, skip to the hula hoops, jump in and out of them, jump over the half cones or tap them and form back to the line.  The 2nd round they were instructed to bend backwards under the rope (think limbo stick) gallop around the circle of cones to the hula hoops, walk through the hula hoops (think football players and tires) and weave through the half cones.  The concepts reviewed were between,  through, bend backward, over, around, and skip.  They had additional practice skipping, and galloping which allows practice crossing the mid-line which is said to be important for writing skills.  An obstacle course lends itself to all types of directions using prepositions.  Just use your imagination when looking for equipment.


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