Concept Group 16

This last week the group reviewed the concepts of  backwards, center, and items that belong to a category.  We played a variation of the game “Fruit Basket Upset”.  In this game the children form a circle, step backwards one step and sit down .  One child was placed in the center of the circle.  An adult would then gave a direction  such as “All children with white on their shirts stand up.”  These children were then given the direction to change places.  The child in the center then tried to get one of the spots that were vacated.  This left one child at the end to come back to the center.  You can instruct children to hop when they exchange places to discourage a mad rush to the vacated places.  Once the children understood these basic games rules, we handed out cards from the “Never Ever Dinner Plate” activity.  The directions were  given to include a  category  that was handed out.  For instance only those with fruit could exchange places or only vegetables that grew underground.


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