Concept Group 19

We used Tiddly Winks as the group activity this week.  This is a reasonably cheep game that usually comes with at least four sets of different colored winks (plastic circles), a felt take off point, and a target area.  I divide the sets up so there is one big wink and 3 small ones for each table group.  I make extra target areas from small saucers or cups.  We talk about the concepts, center, over, close, edge, and far.  The students then take turns using the larger circles to pop the smaller circles into the targets by pressing on the edges.  Each child gets 3 attempts before moving on to the next child.  The tables can be in competition for who gets the most winks into the targets.  I let the students decide if they want the target moved far or close to them.  It takes a bit of skill to make them pop up, but most get it on the 3rd attempt.  It’s not usual for the winks to fly over their target.  It leads to the use of prepositions quite naturally.


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