Concept Group 20

Today we used the gym once again.  We have access to a large parachute in our gym equipment.  It is a great tool to work on concept development.  We started by spreading it out on the gym floor.  It’s good to establish a few rules such as all activity stops when a whistle is blown and everyone needs to hold onto the edge of the parachute unless told otherwise.  There are always a few students who can’t resist trying to  run under the parachute.  To start, we  had the students grab the edge with their right hand, pick up the parachute, and circle to the left.  We still have a few students that do not recognize their left from their right so we reviewed that once again.   Next they practiced holding the parachute high and low as they walked   We then reversed the process and had them grab it with their left hand and hold it high and low.  We then have them grab the edge with both hands and wiggle it up and down  fast and then slow.  A ball is placed into the center and they are told to try to keep it in the center.  In  the last activity we have them hold it above their heads while 4 students’ names are called.  These students are then instructed to run across the middle and under the parachute to the opposite side.  By the time the parachute activity is completed we have reviewed the concepts center, edge, right, left, across, center, low, high and above.


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