New Card Game

I’ve been looking for new games to review  3rd and 4th grade vocabulary.  The reading and social sciences curriculum covers exploration and new frontiers.  It has vocabulary associated with space, pioneers, and science.  I’ve found that old card games can sometimes be adapted to review or introduce words.  The card game “Pig with a Stockpile”  looked like it could be used.  It’s very similar to a card game called “Spoons” I played when I was a kid.  I am hoping the repetition of the vocabulary and pictured items will help my language kids be familiar with vocabulary when it is introduced in class.  The game will hopefully provide some motivation.   I won’t have a chance to try it out until school starts again.  I thought others might like to get a head start with printing activities out.  If anyone gets a chance to try it out, would you please write a comment? I’ve named my version ” The Mission“.


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