Singapore Math and Speech

You may ask, ‘What does Singapore Math have to do with Speech Therapy?”  That was my thought as I went to a teacher training session this last week.  My  district is working on adopting this curriculum this school year.  I’ve found districts often have trouble figuring out what to do with specialist, so we are required to go to trainings for certified staff even though it doesn’t seem very relevant to what we do.  We’re left trying to figure out how to make it worthwhile.

I chose the Kindergarten break out group.  I figured that math would be taught more at a concept vocabulary level.  It turned out that I did find some connections to the concept group activities we have already been doing.  I figured out a few ways to expand the activities.  We can change the question chain activity so each question gets a different color of chain.  The students can compare lengths and see how different numbers can combine to equal a sum.   The Musical Chair activity could also be adapted to children picking up lengths of snap cubes and figuring out how they should line up according to length.  The other concept activities for equal,more, most, and least will be good supplemental activites.

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