Update “Circle of Friends” & “The Mission”

I have some updates on old postings.

We met with our core group for “Circle of Friends”.   The School Counselor and I were present for this first meeting.  The  selected 3 girls and 3 boys from the 5th grade class brought their lunch trays to the speech room and they ate while we talked.  I was impressed with these ambassadors.  They were articulate and evidenced a maturity I don’t get to see on a regular basis.  We talked about expectations, concerns, and how they should feel honored to be there.  They were chosen for being leaders of their class, showing compassion, and the ability to influence peers in a positive way.  They seemed impressed that they were the first and only group.  These students were already  buddies to students in their classroom, so they were familiar with the children who would join the group later.  They voiced some concerns about when it was appropriate for them to step in and say things and when an adult should handle it.   We told them that they can use the group for support and to get instructions on things they are unsure of.  We told them it wasn’t meant as a group to report on their peers, but to be able to influence by being a good role model.  However, it was interesting to find out about some happenings on the playground we were not aware of.  I guess that will be a side benefit.  We have playground aids watching a large number of children  at noon recess.   It’s difficult to be aware of playground interactions before they become a big problem. Our next meeting will be held in January after we come back from winter break.

On another update.  I used “The Mission”  cards and found out they needed a correction.  In the “mission” with the covered wagon I had included a rifle but used an axe for the pictured item.  I’ve corrected this on  the mission card.   I used the cards with a group of 5th graders and found they worked better than expected.  They were enthused about the topic.  We spent one session going over the vocabulary making comparisons of the objects.  There was confusion over the differences in a microscope/telescope and axe/pick.   They just didn’t know what some of the other items were.  The second session we reviewed the vocabulary again and then played the game.  If you used the cards, I would love to know how it went for you.


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