Circle of Friends, 3rd session

The 3rd session continued to be a training sessions for our core group.  Five of the six were present.  They still appear to be enthused and it’s becoming easier to get them through the lunch line as the routine is getting established.   We talked about the last session and asked if they had any questions or things to report.  Several reported they had greeted D and asked him how his weekend was or how he was doing.  He responded briefly with his usual ” fine” or ” I don’t know”.   However, he is now  walking up to them and making the first attempt to ask  or greet them.  Two students  attempted to get him to join a game on the playground.  He said, “no thanks” to one.  We talked as a group about how new games can be confusing if you don’t  know the rules and he  may need to watch first.  He joined the 2nd student  who was  throwing a basketball through a hoop, and surprised him by taking the basketball and  making a basket.

The theme for this session was exploring how we are all the same and different with different talents.  We  had individuals volunteer information about things they  are good at and things that made them feel uncomfortable.   There were a variety of talents in this  group from dancing hula to playing soccer or basketball.   Everyone agreed they  felt uncomfortable with the sound of  fingernails on a chalkboard or knife scraping on a plate.  A couple of student’s  said they really don’t like loud noises.  We talked about how loud noises are perceived differently and for some individuals it can be almost painful.  We also talked about the difficulties of listening with back ground noise.  Some people have a hard time figuring out spoken words and are distracted by background noise.  We used the game of telephone to illustrate this.  We had a child repeat a message that was whispered individually around the table.  We did pretty well with that one.  We then added music from a  CD of annoying children’s songs.  The ones that sort of stick in your head.  We then added a background noise of a waterfall.  At that point the message really started to get scrambled.  Our 30 minutes was up at this point although they wanted to continue the game.


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