Sequencing Directions with Glitter Hearts

I always try to get the most benefits from any activity I do and I can usually find several ways to use it for therapy.   I found the antonym glitter  hearts that were placed on the bulletin board  in a previous post were also a good activity to use for children who have difficulty telling  a sequence of a project.  The actual heart activity only took a few minutes to produce and provided a definite sequence of events that provided motor and visual activity that would help them to remember the information.  After making the glitter heart, I had them divide a white board into 4 sections.  You could use paper as well.  They then numbered the 4 sections and thought of what steps we used to make the heart.  The 1st block represented getting the materials which were the glue,  marker and paper heart.  The 2nd block was writing the antonym on the heart.  The 3rd step was placing glue  on the edge, and the last step was placing the heart in the glitter coffee can and shaking it.  They drew pictures or wrote words to represent the 4 steps.  The students then used these directions to tape record directions.  We then listened to the directions to see if they included enough information and were in the right order.  We also talked about using sequence words such as before and after in their recording.


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