Circle of Friends, 6th session

This was a debriefing session from last week when “D” joined the group for the first time.  “D'” was not present. The group talked about what went well and what could be changed for the next time.  The friends were very positive about the experience.  They thought it went well and were happy he had stayed for the whole time.  We decided the video really helped in making him comfortable with coming.   The friends really liked making it.  We decided we would do that again. They thought they did a good job of including him.   The adults did too.  We talked about different kinds of questions and which ones were easier for him to to answer than others.  He had difficulty answering why and how questions.  We talked about how all the questions didn’t have to be directed mainly at him.  That the modeling that  they did with each other was also important.  We talked about what the next activity should be.  The group decided the game of “Uno” would be a good game to play with him.   The next session will be spent video taping the rules  and showing him how to play it.  They finished off the session by playing a short game of “Uno”.


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