9th Circle of Friends

We had to have a quick change of plans.  We originally planned to have another session of UNO with “D” included.  Unfortunately he wasn’t  feeling well this week and didn’t make it to school on Friday.  We still had the group of 6 students, and used it as a planning session.

They said they enjoyed the last session and would like to continue to play games.  They  also liked making the videos.  Apparently you can do almost anything if a video camera is involved.

The counselor suggested we prepare  activities for outside since the weather should be improving.  There was a suggestion of planting  flowers in peat pots that could be transferred later after they grew.   Then the discussion switched to recess games. They liked the idea of video taping games so that “D” would understand how to play.

The counselor asked the kids what “D” liked to do on the playground.   The students said, if he gets a swing he likes to spin.  Otherwise he spends his time wandering.  One of the students had tried to play Wall Ball with “D”  and he didn’t appear to know the rules.  He threw the ball directly at the wall rather than letting it bounce first and hitting it with his hand. He didn’t jump rope because the people who swung the jump rope did it too fast.  Recently, a new rule was established  that the jumper could request a speed before they started.  It was pointed out that they could help by advocating for him.  Four square was another activity on the playground, that “D” didn’t understand the rules, so didn’t play,

The group were excited at the prospect of another video taping session so divided up and started to write what rules and directions  would be important for, 4 Square, jump roping, and wall ball. That ended our session.

How to Play Wall Ball


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