April Bulletin Board

This was our first week back after spring break.   I’m finding myself a little behind with recording things here.   I decided I needed something  simple for my bulletin board for this month.  I kept my rainbow background from March.  It is still raining here so it still seemed appropriate.  I changed the theme to  Idioms.   In April people tend to think of baby animals, and I narrowed it down to cat and dog idioms.  Here is a good source for animal idioms: Dog Hause- Animal Idioms. I put a few up on paper strips in the clouds and the older students are adding to them.  I put the main heading, It’s Raining Cats and Dogs.  There are easy  origami instructions for making animals on this site:  Origami Folding Instructions.   These are very simple directions that younger children can do.  Several of my students are working  on concepts such as half, top, bottom, left and right, and following directions.   They can  add details like spots, stripes , narrow or wide eyes,  and  describe their animal.  They like having their finished product put up on the board for everyone to see. This is what it looked like after one day.

April Bulletin Board

It's Raining Cats and Dogs


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