10th Circle of Friends

We met this time to video tape the directions on how to jump rope.  At the last meeting we had decided to teach “D” some playground activities so he would be comfortable joining classmates in games at recess.  At this time he played mainly alone on the swings and had shown some interest in Wall Ball.  However he didn’t know the rules so wasn’t having much success. We decided to start  with the simplest which was jump rope. That would give me, the camera person,  experience t using the  flip camera in a larger environment.  Also the weather wasn’t cooperating and we could do jump roping in the gym.

The  students were thrilled at the prospect of making a movie.  They  had mapped out the directions for playing 4 square, wall ball, and jump rope at the previous session.   In preparation for this session, we made index cue cards of the steps and important rules.   The students read the cue cards to provide a narrative.   We used a flip camera to video tape the  directions in segments.  I learned last time that it was easier to deal with the segments  for editing.   The voices were sometimes harder to hear in this environment, so I added captions to go with the narrative.  The best segments were edited and placed together.   thankfully I was able to edit my saying go, a finger in the lens, and headless children with out losing the narrative.   The flip camera was a little more difficult to use because of the focusing on too many children and activities at once.  Overall I think we turned out with a pretty good product .   We ended up with a 2 minute video tape from a 20 minute session.  The plan is to show  “D” the video tape and encourage him to do the activity with his friends at the next session.  Maybe we will convince him to be video-taped also.  I’m sorry I am unable to show the finished product because of student privacy.


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