11th Circle of Friends

Today was the eleventh meeting for the “Circle of Friends”.  “D” participated  in the session.  It was two weeks since the last session because of teacher grading day last Friday.  You may remember, the group  made a  video at the last meeting demonstrating how to jump rope.  “D” watched the video and decided he would be willing to try it.

It’s remarkable how much his interaction with the group has changed.   He now seems to look forward to meeting with them and doesn’t hesitate about saying “Lets try it”.

The adult vision for an event does not  always correspond to  what actually happens.  As it turned out, “D” was not that interested in the jumping part of jump rope.  We convinced him to give it a try once and that lasted for only one jump.  He was more  interested in being a twirler and took up one end of the rope.  In his self-appointed position, he directed changes of the other end so everyone got a turn.  He also took responsibility for counting the number of jumps completed.

I realized, this position was actually a good place for him to be.    He  had to be aware of his position to the jumper and other twirlers so the rope didn’t go slack .  He had to know when to stop.  He had to correspond his arm movement to the other twirler.  This forced him to remain engaged with the other students.   I have never seen him so animated with an infectious laugh.  He really seemed to enjoy  himself.

The game continued to evolve, with  increasing the number of jumpers who tried to jump at once. It didn’t bother “D” and he continued to twirl.  The group  enjoyed  his enthusiasm and appeared more comfortable knowing his reactions weren’t unpredictable.   I could see where this activity may carry over to the playground.  There is always a need for a good twirler and now they know his capability.


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