The Homonym Bulletin Board

It must be Spring.   The students are asking me when I will put up the pear/pair tree.  I decided to resurrect this post for those who may have missed it the first time around.  I start by making a tree on the bulletin board.  The tree takes many forms depending what paper I have available.   I twist brown paper to make limbs and have them come together for the trunk.   I then have students trace their hands on green paper and cut them out.  I  roll  them and tack them next to the limbs for leaves.  This makes a 3 dimensional tree.  I cut out pear shapes from yellow construction paper and have them ready for tacking up.

I use the tree to make students more aware of homonyms in our language.   Students are encouraged to find homonyms, tell me the word meanings and then write them on a pear shape to place on the tree.  I get them started by placing the first pair/pear on the tree.   Names do not count.  I learned that student’s would say almost any word was a name to match another word.  I allow only one pear per individual per day so that more students have a chance to find words.  I keep an alphabetized list so I can cross out those that have already been used.   I found that this saves time when searching to see if it is already there.  Amazingly each year they come up with new ones that weren’t used previously.   I give students a token candy for each set they find.  A student is required to tell the meanings of the words they are using and the correct spellings before I allow them to record them on a pear.  I have placed a list of homonyms in the vocabulary section of this site.  It is an excel list because if new words  need to be added,  I can easily put them in the correct alphabetical order.  I hope most of you will be able to open it and can just add to it.  I usually start this bulletin board in May and keep it up until school is out.  It will have a lot more pears by the end of the month.


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  1. What a great idea! I may try this too.

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