12th and 13th Circles

I didn’t get a chance to post last week although we did meet.  We have approximately a chance for 5 more meetings before the end of the year.  Adult meeting schedules are starting to interfere at this time of year.  Thankfully things are going so well that less planning and structure is needed.

At the last meeting the students decided to attempt to teach 4 square.  We really didn’t know how well  “D” bounced a ball.  On the playground,  he was prone to throwing it at head level.    We decide that we would start by seeing how well he could bounce a ball between students.  He was now familiar with the group and the gym so we didn’t make a preview  video tape.

The adults of course have a plan beyond the  student wishes.   We want to be able to step back with less adult prompting.  One of the main goals was to get ‘D” interacting with peers without adult directions.   Hopefully, he will become comfortable interacting with this group as he moves up to middle school next school year.

For the 13 circle, everyone was present , including “D”.   He listened to the discussion at the lunch table but didn’t join in.  He knew we had a plan to go to the gym, so was busy eating.  Unfortunately he is a slow eater compared to the other students so we didn’t push conversation.  He also gets concerned if he hasn’t finished his lunch.

Amazingly we were able to round up a rubber ball and make it to the gym. We formed a circle and practiced passing the ball with a bounce through the middle of the circle.  “D” started out with head shots, but soon realized everyone was bouncing the ball first.   Soon he was into the activity like everyone else.  We then went to fast passing which meant you really had to keep your attention or get hit with the ball.   This led to some natural silliness as they tried to get the ball passed to an  unsuspecting student.  “D” stayed with the group through it all.  It was good to see he was flexible even if the rules changed a bit.  He added his own exclamations to the group and was  interactive.  We decided the ball passing was a success and we could move on to using the actual 4 square next time.   We had a few minutes left s ended the group by bringing out the jump ropes.


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