14th Circle of Friends

This is our 14th Friday of Circle of Friends.  The weather isn’t cooperating.  It turned out to be a day of drizzle so I managed to tape off a 4 square in the gym and grab a rubber ball before it was taken.  On wet days the students all try to fit under a covered area outdoors and about the only thing they can do is play wall ball.  It becomes a bit chaotic.  The gym is a better controlled area.

I met with “D” earlier in the morning for his speech class  and asked if he wanted to come to meet with his friends at lunch and then play 4 square..   He said “sure” without hesitation.   Then when leaving he told me he would see me for lunch in my room, so I knew I was on his schedule. His educational assistant told me later that he also informed her he was eating with his friends.  She had forgotten to write it on his schedule, so it was good he had taken the initiative.

As the year is progressing, the group of friends is becoming a lot less formal.  It’s becoming a natural gathering with everyone chattering as 10 yr. old students do.  “D” has become the roll call taker and asks about anyone who is missing.  After that, he becomes very absorbed with eating  so  does not make much comment unless asked direct questions.  He did appear to be listening and answered questions, so I do believe he is benefiting by watching.  The topic was sports and what they like to play.  They talked about playing basketball and the rules for the game of “HORSE”.  They decided that “D” could play that because he does make baskets.

We have some fast eaters in this group.  “D” is one of the slower eaters so he struggles to keep up.  He also has a plan to take a bite of everything.   The poor apple only gets about 3 bites.  He does manage to get the burger down.

The taped 4 square worked out fine.  The students needed reminding to break the task down when giving directions and relate it back to what we had taught “D” last time.  He caught on and before you know it they were playing  4 square.  They needed to alert him when the ball was being bounced his way, but he was able to return it without problem.  They were kind in not making him go out, but toward the end I suggested this might be a good thing, because it is part of the game.  He took it in stride and decided he would take a break.  This meant he went spinning down the middle of the gym.  Everyone was impressed and thought he should try out for gymnastics.

Just a note to let you know I added  antonym sentence  cards in the listening comprehension section.


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