2 year anniversary

It’s hard to believe this site is now 2 years old.  I’m amazed at how much information is collected  here.  It gives me  evidence of the things that I have accomplished over the last 2 yrs.  After many years of  working with students there are always new things to try to learn.  I’m also amazed at how many people have stopped by.   I appreciate the feedback from those who have made comments and I’m glad people are finding materials useful.

I decided after 2 years of growth  the place really needed some housekeeping.  You may notice a few rewrites and changes.   I tend to just post things as they come up and in some cases there is not much organization.  I found it difficult to track items in the posts  through the archives, so I figure you must have the same problem.   I added the categories button to the right.  If you are looking for posts specific to a topic like “Concept Groups” it will be easier to find than going through the archives.
I use this site as a sort of toolbox for myself, so I add links occasionally that I know I will need in the future.  Medicaid Billing is a hot topic lately for the educational setting and I’ve been trying to become more informed about the legal aspects.  I’ve also added a link to WATI which is a good site for assistive technology information.  They were responsible for  getting procedures in a written form  so schools across the United States would be more uniform in their implementation.  Many years ago, I helped with this during a summer institute and met some great people in the process.   You may notice the new  links in the blog roll.

I’ve added some things that I will need for next year. In the Therapy Forms section I added a list of goals and objectives I use as a basis for most of my IEPs.  They are probably not much different from the ones you write  however you will find a lot of  the  activities were designed or used to work on them specifically.

As the site gets bigger its harder to know if links have changed and are no longer working as intended.  Please drop me a note if you notice anything off or not working right.  I hope everyone is having a good summer break.

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