Ready Your Senses for Learning

I know many of you have started your school year already.  I still have another week before staff are due back at my school.  However, I have been doing some preparation.  We have a back to school night for students and parents before the official first day of school.  I like to have at least a bulletin board up to make the room more welcoming.  Every year I review the process of communication and what it takes to communicate with my speech students.  We talk about listening, speaking clearly and visual cues such as body language.  I think I’ll be able to use this  bulletin board as a visual support. I’ve decided to use a set of monkeys representing  See no, Hear no and Speak no Evil since they represent those senses.  I downloaded a coloring page of the monkeys from microsoft clip art and used it as a template.  I will put the colored versions up on the Board with the heading of this post when I get back to my room.  I will put a picture up of the completed board  when I get it put up.  I updated the picture as promised.

Ready Your Senses for Learning





  1. Great idea! I go back the last week in August. I’m changing schools and I don’t even know what my room wI’ll have in it yet. But your bulletin board idea might find it’s way into my new space.

    • cjmonty

      Did you put up a bulletin board? I’m curious what yours looks like. Let me know if you post a picture somewhere. I was pleased with this one in the end. I was lucky to have a daughter who colored the monkeys . I’ll be able to put them in my file for next year. It sure makes it easier for starting the year.

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