Grade Level Goals

In our college speech programs we are taught what can be expected for  normal speech and language development.  As Speech Language Pathologist we spend a lot of time trying to write appropriate measurable goals for our students who fall below the standards of development.  We have the responsibility of translating our student’s weaknesses into goals and objectives.  In an educational setting,  we are also asked that  speech  services  address the common  core state standards for academics.  We need to be aware of these standards to know what is expected at each grade level and write goals accordingly.

Most states have  published their common core standards on the internet.  The standards are very common from state to state. I guess that was the purpose after all.  To have the states line up with common expectations.   However some state standards are a lot easier to read and use than others. You may want to look up your information from the state board of education in your state.  Oregon state has laid theirs out rather nicely with each grade level having their own section.  I added links for the state of Oregon’s Language Arts section  to the TX and Forms section.  Even if your state isn’t Oregon, it is probably pretty similar.  We  can use this information when writing our goals to see if we can help a student meet those expectations to grade level.  I tried to follow these when writing my goals in my goal bank.  Here is a short cut link to the TX and Forms page where you can access the goal bank and core standards.

You may notice that K-2nd have similar objectives but expect higher level vocabulary and expertise with grammatical structures as students reach 3rd grade.    3rd and 5th grades are expected to have better language comprehension and interpretations of what they read and hear.  In some cases it is the descriptive words we use rather than much change in the actual objectives such as referring to using antonyms rather giving opposites of a word.  I like to have my  goals reflect the language being used for instruction.  I’ve found the classroom teachers respond favorably to this as they realize I am supporting their instruction and relate it to what is happening in the classroom.


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  1. Jenna

    Just found your blog! So appreciate seeing someone else’s goal bank! Thanks!


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