December Bulletin Board

It is time for a  switch on the  bulletin board again.  I try to make it look festive for the holiday season and the students always request to decorate it.  In the last few years  our school has become more culturally sensitive which makes it more of a challenge for what I can actually put up on the board.  I continue to search for materials that have speech therapy value and are not time intensive.

I already have a tree set up from November’s bulletin board.  I will change the limbs of my tree so it looks more like a fir tree.  I will have the students trace their hands on green paper and cut them out.  I staple those on the tree to provide the fir part of the tree.  I will then have them make and  add paper ornaments.

I found this great paper ornament that meets the requirements.  It is a simple activity  that even the youngest children can complete and it allows practice  following directions and retelling a sequence.  It is found on  I have access to plenty of colored paper and glue sticks so I won’t need to get additional materials.

paper ornament

Our winter break is only a few weeks away so we will have to get this started as soon as we get back from the Thanksgiving break.   I will take a picture of the bulletin board and post it when it gets started.

Beautiful paper ornaments


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