Toontastic is Fantastic for Therapy

I find that many of  my students  have  difficulty telling a story.   I usually start with sequence cards.  They start  getting the idea of sequencing a story and understanding a story has a beginning, middle, and end.  At this point they get bored with the sequence cards and still need work on being able  to elaborate from that basic structure.   I am always looking for  ways  to expand their experiences from the typical sequence cards and allow for more imagination and story plot development.

Just before winter break, I found an free app for my iPad  that allowed students to develop story plots much like using puppets.  They were  able to make animated stories and the structure of the program encouraged them to construct a story with sequence and plot development. The best part was they could replay their creations and critique them.   The program has built in  flexibility allowing them to add their own drawings and speech.   It also allowed them to  add  music and set a mood.   I was impressed that it was child friendly and allowed for imagination to develop.  This is a program that actually allows  for imaginative play.

My daughter and I had a fun time trying the program out.   The app came from  I want to thank this company for providing a high quality program free.  It runs with little  interference from advertisement, although they would like you to purchase more characters and scenes.

Currently my employer has restrictions on purchasing apps for our iPads until they get the logistics worked out.  This leaves me  exploring  the world of free apps. When this  restriction is lifted,  this app will be on my list for more characters and scenes.

Here is an example of my daughter’s creation..



  1. I first came across this app through reading reviews of educational apps for kids on and I’m thrilled I downloaded it. Hours of fun and endless narrative choices .

  2. cjmonty

    The people behind this program are great people to work with also. After writing this note the app had a new update. Unfortunately the update had a glitch and I couldn’t get the program to open for a new story. This was on the weekend. I had promised one of my Monday groups that they would be able to complete their story. I thought, oh great I just recommended an app people won’t be able to use and I won’t be able to use it on Monday. I emailed them on a Saturday late afternoon and actually had a response back by evening. They thanked me and said they would let me know when it was resolved. It was fixed by the next day. My Monday therapy session was a success.

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