The Positive and the Negative

This week I have  been working with a  group of young boys that are working on pragmatic language skills.  They  are having  difficulty determining when a statement is positive or negative and  are equating statements with math concepts.  If it is true then  of course it is positive.  They are not comprehending that some true statements can actually be quite hurtful and not a  positive experience  for the person who hears them.  I’ve decided we really need to explore this much further.

I prepared a lesson and thought that maybe some of you would like to use  it as well.  I  prepared  a  list of statements that can be  differentiated as being positive or negative.   We will talk about how a negative statement can be turned around to be more positive.  I may use the glass is half empty or is it half full analogy. I also have my demonstration spatula I use as a prop to encourage flipping the pancake.  We will talk about times in which  a true statement should be left in the mind and  not verbalized.  We will also explore  what effect a different intonation pattern may make on a statement.  The statements are ready to be cut out and put into a grab bag.  You can find them in the social  language section and here.


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