No more pencils, no more books, no more….

Wait a minute, I don’t like the ending to that.   I tried to hold off on the dirty looks.    I have to say I was really happy to see this last school year come to a close.  Of all the years I’ve worked this one was probably the hardest.   As the  saying goes, ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”  It was a stressful year of failed contract negotiations, high caseload in two buildings, high parent expectations with dwindling resources.   The last two weeks of school were  stressful as  missed meetings required rescheduling   within the busy end of year schedule.   It really makes a person reach for new ways of dealing with the paperwork and scheduling challenges.  This is a goal I have made for myself.  I know many of you  faced similar challenges or maybe even worse situations.   I would love to hear your survival stories.  Will you be back another school year?

As I was  getting ready for the summer departure and contemplating what my next year would  bring,  I found I would have a new assignment.  I  decided this is a good thing, because I really needed to sort through my materials and make adjustments.  I have brought all my materials home to get ready for a move to another building.   This is good news for you, because I’ve found a few things that were not posted yet.   If you care to look through the materials you may find them as the summer moves a long.

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  1. Sue Ciampaglio

    Wow! Are we having the same life or what! Everything you said is ditto for me except that when I was packing up everything at the end of school ( due to getting AC put in my school and all materials had to be boxed and moved out of rooms), I was planning on applying for a new position that now seems to have been a cut position. Huge clean out included file cabinets; even found one file with old ditto copies! So, it looks like I’ll be back with a cleaned out room and my 6th new principal all at the same school for the last 18 years.

  2. I am amazed you have stayed at the same school for 18 years. I was stable at one school for 7 yrs. and the second school assignment kept switching. I have never been at a single school for more then 7 yrs. We finally landed here and I thought being in one place would be nice. However, I found I do really need change to keep stimulated. I was thinking about looking for another position too but of course you do run a risk, like you said, of finding the position you applied for doesn’t really exist. I don’t know if the grass is actually that greener on the other side of the hill. I think we are now feeling the affects of IDEA funding so it may hit staffing even more. We live in risky times especially when you are coming to the end of your working career and it is harder to find comparable salary. So I am welcoming change within the same district. My new assignment includes a charter school. I am curious about that. The projected staffing looks better, on paper anyway, and at least we have a contract for a couple of years. I have kept up with NEA information since the strike and I know many of us are under the same contract conditions. I am sure there are more stories like yours and mine. Thanks for reporting in.

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