I can be flexible, really I can.

I am sorry that I haven’t been able to do my usual posting.  The year has been a bit unpredictable.   I am thinking I need to add a few more statements to Murphy’s Laws for SLPs.  You just don’t know what will be coming your way next.

I had just finished my scheduling for my students and stuck their schedule clocks into the teacher’s mailboxes. Speech Therapy would start the following week, so I thought.  I always feel better when that task is done.  I shouldn’t have felt so smug.  I just sat down when  I received a phone call from the special education director.  He said they were reorganizing SLP placements to balance out the caseloads. This was a bit scary to hear as I wondered where I would end up next.  It turned out they were reassigning me back to the school I was at previously.  At least I was familiar with the students, parents and staff.  So I said goodbye to the new staff and hello to the old staff.  At least they seemed happy to see me.  A few students and parents seemed confused but it was nice to be back in familiar territory sorta.  I say sorta because the room was transformed a bit.  Furniture was switched and items in cabinets and shelves had been reshuffled.  The things we do to make it our own when we move into new territory.   By this time I had actually moved my boxes 5 times;  the strike, back to finish the year, home, to new school and back to original school.  I managed to lose a box.  I am not sure exactly what was in it, only that I seem to be missing things to include my vocabulary building cards and my Superflex capes.  This has left me feeling like I am loosing my mind trying to figure out where it might be.   I am glad I made this site so I can rebuild  most of it.

There are some good things coming on the horizon.  I am team teaching a social pragmatic group for life skills students this year.   I will post activities as we do them this year.  I will also be attending the “Social Thinking” conference in a few weeks.  Michelle Winner has come out with new materials and I am eager to see them.

I always enjoy hearing from followers out there.  I hope your year has started out a bit more stable.   Has anyone had as unpredictable of a  time as I have?

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  1. Yes I do believe SLPs middle name is flexible. I just went to Michelle’s Providers conference in Minnesota. Always great information!

  2. I can relate to the craziness of the beginning of your year. It’s taken me weeks to sort out my students and caseload and fight for a better contract (I was hired in a new district this year as a .4, but there are too many kids in Birth-2, preschool, and K-5 to see in 2 days) and to feel like I’m actually doing my job. Plus, starting in a new district has all the paperwork looking different and completely different materials. (Good thing I have a bunch of my own!) Best of luck!

    Talking With Rebecca

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