Angry Turkeys


When I am working with students in the life skills programs I like to use activities which provide motor movements along with developing language skills.  The motor skills are often a skill area that is stronger than the language skills and will motivate students to work within a natural context. I also like to utilize interests that would be common to their peer groups.  Angry Birds is popular among the elementary students and November makes us think of Turkey.   This began my idea of Angry Turkeys to work on prepositions.   I looked at what materials I had on hand and decided it wouldn’t take much to make turkey bean bags.  I also had an abundance of toilet paper rolls and coffee can lids that would make a good tower.

I find if I provide the structure of a sequence and visual cues to the activity I am more likely to elicit the responses  I want. I used  the free app “Storykit”  to take pictures of building the towers and the placement of the turkey bean bags.  The students used this as a visual for directions.  At the end the student threw a bean bag at the tower.  This was so motivating the students were willing to go through the sequence several times.  If you would like to see what it looked like click on the following link.; Angry Turkey Sequence story.  In the app it actually is presented in a book form instead story board form.   I will post the pattern for the bean bags in the classroom activities.


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