November Bulletin Board

This is probably one of my more simple boards to make.  Our district has less student time with staff development days, conferences, holidays etc.   I needed to go with something simple.

There are a rich variety of turkey riddles and jokes out there.  I am having the students post riddles and then tell how the play of words make it a joke.  It is great for reviewing double meaning words and getting some flexibility of thought.  So far we have come up with.

Why did the turkey cross the road twice?                     To show he wasn’t a chicken.

If April showers bring May flowers, what does May flowers bring?          Pilgrims

Why did the police arrest the  turkey?                               They suspected fowl play.

What vegetable does a turkey like?                                  Beets me.

A turkey’s thought.                                         I wonder if I will get invited to dinner.

How does a turkey know when to answer the phone?     When it Wings and Wings


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