December Bulletin Board, Paper Wreath

There isn’t much time before winter break and the turkeys will need  to come off my bulletin board.  The students really enjoyed the paper ornament last year so I decided to look for something similar.  I found this paper wreath on

The good thing about paper folding is it provides plenty of opportunities for following directions and  a lot of paper cutting is not involved.  I’ve found that paper cutting is really tough for some of my students and we spend more time with it than I want to.

In preparation, I have cut the 3 inch by 5 inch papers using some of my scrap wrapping paper and colored printer paper.  I knew that would come in handy for something.  I have put the directions on Story Kit.  I really like that app.  I will have some of my  students record on the directions so I have left the audio off for now.  I will post the bulletin board when I get it up.  For now I’ve put some of my samples up in the header so you can get an idea of what they look like.   You can see the directions by going here.  It is in story board form on here, but on the app it reads like a book.        paper wreath direction on Story Kit app

Here is an update and  picture of the bulletin board.  I am getting compliments on it so I am happy with the way it turned out.  It turned out to be a longer project than I anticipated.  It took about 30 minutes for most of the students.  Most of them ended up starting it one session and we finished it up on a 2nd session.  I ended up helping with some of the paper folding to supplement the slower students.  It was good training on developing perseverance.   Everyone really improved their paper folding by the 12th triangle.  Some were convinced they couldn’t do it and wanted to give up.  They  were really proud of their accomplishment.  It was good project to illustrate how completing little parts can eventually make a complete project.

bulletin board wreath


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