Cupids and Hearts

January was a very busy month.  I didn’t get to my usual bulletin board project.  I ended up putting up snowflakes from a previous year.  The students always look forward to the crafts so I didn’t want to disappoint them by skipping  another month.  Besides Valentines  Day is the perfect time to bring out the glitter.

I decided it would be a  variation of the antonym bulletin board from previous years.  I still used the antonym theme but  added cupids.  I have a younger student population who benefit from  having one of the antonyms presented to them . I wrote a word on the cupid and they needed to think up the match and print it on the heart.  They then joined them with yarn and stapled them on the board.  I cut out the cupids and hearts ahead  to save on time.  My older students used the  Storykit app to make the directions  for the younger ones to follow.  They have done this previously with my help but this time they used my iPad and  did it independently.  I was pleased to see how far they have come in planning the directions with pictures and verbally presenting them.  This is the link for their directions.     Storykit Cupid and Hearts

Here is a picture of the bulletin Board by the end of the day.

cupids and hearts


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  1. Kristen Miller

    I love the idea of having your older students create the directions !! This is so functional and a much needed activity for students who need to work on sequencing, summarizing, relevant details, explanation, description, creating media to present knowledge.. etc.. I could go on and on right from the common core. I definately plan to incorporate this into my therapy. I have some games which require more involved instructions, and I know my older students would really enjoy creating media presentations to provide instructions. I can even envision one of my middle school students who has Asperger’s working on his eye-contact, use of body language, perspective taking, and tone. Thank-you- so much- for pointing out the obvious for me !! Simple, practical, effective, fun, and engaging. I’ve fallen in love : – ) Kristen

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