A New Pear Pair Homonym Tree

It is that time of year again and my students are asking for the Homonym Tree.  If you remember from a previous  year post, I put up a tree in the Spring and the students write homonyms on paper pears to earn a Dum Dum sucker.  This year it is even easier for me because one of my fellow teacher ordered a pear die cut.  I don’t need to cut out folded stacks of paper. How incredibly thoughtful of her. The tree looks different every year.  This year we ran out of brown butcher paper so it ended up mainly black.  it will have a lot more pears on it by the end of the year.

pear tree



  1. Monica Barker

    I am planning to make a tree this fall at my site in Modesto, CA. Would you happen to know here I can buy the pear die cut?

    • I will check with the person who bought it and see if she can tell me. We aren’t officially back at school until next week.

    • I guess it depends what company you have your die cutter from. Our school has a Ellison model. You can google for it. I found one at http://www.completek-12.com/
      If you put pear die cut in the search it will come up.

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