Welcome Back to School Bulletin Board

It is August and the back to school sales are beginning.  It is time to get ready for another school year.  I will be returning to the same room which has a bulletin board outside my door.  I won’t have time for students to decorate it before the Back to School Night  so I usually keep this one pretty simple.  I will probably have students add to it later on.  This is not the most original idea but I like the sentiment for starting a new year, “Welcome Back to the School”

Here are places for the fish origami directions.

http://www.origamiway.com/easy-origami-fish.shtml  video directions for this fish http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VcyIz4E1wJw







fish bulletin



  1. I will be in a new room this year and yes it has a window! I’m excited about putting up new decorations. I might give the fish a try if I can make them.

  2. So pretty! Although I don’t think it would be simple for me. Nice work!

  3. The easy Angel fish is the easiest. The youngest students could probably do it with a little help. There are some you tube videos that may be easier to follow then the written directions. The other fish are more of a challenge. I think the brown one was the most difficult.

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