Classroom Activities to Encourage Social Language Development

It was a challenge to find a name for this page.  It may change over time as I find out what ends up here. I found I needed a place to store the lesson plans for social language groups particularly in my life skills program.

In the past I have written about social pragmatic groups that I have met with describing weekly activity.  I am finding that those blog entries are getting buried and harder to find.  I also know that lesson planning for these groups is often very challenging especially if students have short attention spans and need movement to maintain interest.  I decided to start a log for future reference.

This year I am doing social language activities with the counselor in two life skills classrooms.  One classroom consists of mainly kindergarten to 2nd grade students and the other 3rd through 5th grade.   Some of the members of the younger group have limited functional language.   They benefit from activities that require turn taking, commenting, requesting, and staying with a group.  They also need movement to stay engaged for any length of time.

This page is a work in progress so please check in later for additions.

Songs for transitions:


Spider/Insect  Theme:

Songs and finger plays  can be found at.

Bug Preposition Lotto at  The Talking Owl

Yarn ball spider web activity

November/ Turkey theme:

Turkey Beanbag directions;

Five Little Turkeys Poem:

Snowman / Winter  Theme

Where is the Snowman? ( storykit)

Snowman poem for felt board activity

Cloud Dough

Don’t Fall Through the Ice :  This is a marble version of the game.

Musical Penquins   color version free at the TPT store

Transportation Theme

Maps and cars

Train Sequence

Car Races

Car Descriptions   and Communication Cuing  Board

Feelings  and Body Parts Theme

Make a free Leprechaun story  for use with Leprechaun expression puppet

Expression puppet made with a toilet paper roll. When the roll is turned his facial expressions change.

Expressions Puppets

Download for pattern is here.  The Leprechaun comes from

Leprechaun poems at KinderKorner

Feelings Bingo Cards:  The students really enjoy making the faces for others to find on their BINGO cards.

Baby Animals Theme

Bitsboard  free app:  Farm Animals Board for download.   This app has a catalog of boards that can be downloaded and used in 7 different interactive  activities such as photo touch, match up, pop quiz, true and false, word builder, and reader.  click on the name to find out more about it.

Hatch  A book that becomes a guessing game as students get clues and then try to guess what is in the egg.  They lift the flaps and discover the right answer.


Plant Theme:

Planting activity:  Plant Pals

planting activity

Sid the Seed: an  illustrated story with beautiful pictures

Beach / Fish Theme

Slippery fish song



The Grumpalump by sarah Hayes & Barbara Firth


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  1. Thanks this is a great idea.

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