Fluency Practice

Sometimes individuals have  difficulties speaking and  hesitate on or repeat certain syllables, words, or phrases.  This can go from being very mild to being filled with a lot of tension so the person may appear  stuck when speaking.   This  may be a stuttering problem or it could be  a child going through a  period of normal disfluency that most children experience as they learn to speak.  The Stuttering Foundation of America is the best resource for more information.  I’m not going to try to attempt to put the wealth of information that is on there, here.   I started this page so I would have a place to keep materials.

Fluency Practice cards: These are cards that can be used in a variety of  activities.

What Do you Say?:  These are cards to elicit social interaction and I ‘m using them with the fluency practice cards.

A video about stuttering for kids who stutter:



  1. Debbie Thornhill, M.A., CCC-SLP

    Thank you Cindy! I agree these are great for fluency practice!

  2. Julia

    Love the what do you say cards! Thanks for sharing!

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