Apps and Programs

I thought it would be nice to have a page that provided easy access to some tools that are on the internet.   I’ve found these places to be handy when I’m trying to be creative and make my own activities.

Bingo Cards:  Make your own bingo cards.  This program generates multiple cards from your input.

Stopwatch: It  provides large countdown numbers and an alarm.

Dice 2:  This site has a template to make a variety of dice.

Spinner:  This is a good basic number spinner.  It  has “go back one space” and “missed turn on it”.

Paper Money:  We all enjoy the feel of money.

Award or certificate :  You can print in this one to customize it.

Make a certificate: another certificate you can make yourself and print

Resource packet for language assessments:  This is put out by the state of Tennessee and has some very useful information.

Random number or word generator:  Need to pick something out of a hat?  Well here is the tool for you.

Snakes and Ladders:   A down loadable board game that you can add your own words to before printing it out.

Comic Creator:  A site that gives the tools to make a cartoon and then print it out.  It would be great for making a social story.

Cartoon maker:  another place to make cartoons.  It has nice props.

Goanimation:  Another animator.  This one allows you to record speaking parts so could be used for articulation practice.

Power Point Lessons:  Secret Square, and Jeopardy templates.!genius_notebook_system/cu95:   GENIUS notebook to address executive function.  It would be helpful for some of our students in middle school and high school.



  1. Hi

    Our great new App ChatAble is helping to break down barriers that affect those with communication difficulties including autism and aphasia. We would love for you to blog about ChatAble to see what you at In Spontaneous Speecj think about our App. Let me know if you are interested and I’ll send you a free redeem code to download the App from the App Store.

    Thank you in advance.


    • I’m interested. However it is my last week of therapy with students before summer break so will be difficult to give a trial with students. I can give you my review though by looking it over.

  2. I was thinking maybe you could post your review on your website so others can see what you think, I know you have a lot of people that are interested in what you write and I really feel our app can help!


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