Video Clips

I sometimes find videos and materials  I can use during  therapy sessions. I need a place for quick access so I decided I would include a page where I can  post them.  I’m planning on using these materials for my Circle of Friends Group.

Social Filter: A 4 minute video clip to illustrate the importance of a social filter.

The Myth of Average:  A thought provoking video

Tim’s Restaurant:

The owner has Downs.

Don’t Laugh at Me by Peter, Paul and Mary :  This seems to be a good video to open discussion about individual differences and abilities.

Animated-Drive:  An interesting video on what motivates us.  It may not be as simple as giving a reward.

Patrick Henry Hughes:  Not your ordinary individual in the marching band.

A Secret Code: Its not a video but I think I can use a code to illustrate the difficulties of reading when the symbols are not familiar.

A Family Guy clip that illustrates sarcasm.

The Big Bang Theory  illustrates sarcasm

Stuttering Stan Takes a Stand:  An audio story about teasing and standing up for yourself.

Shelby the Unique Sheep:  An audio story about celebrating differences.

Awkward Staring Man:  Used when discussing the unexpected and feeling comfortable or uncomfortable with Social Detective Curriculum by Michelle Winner.

Invisible Car crash:  another one for social detective comfortable and uncomfortable

Impossible Present by  Royal and Vimeo :  illustrates Rock Brain

Gopher Broke:  4 minute video clip that is great for retelling a story sequence using first, next, last, and then

Dog Commercial: This video is good for prediction and telling a sequence.

APPs:  These are the ones I have on my iPad  I  use most frequently.

 Pretend Play;  Paper Doll,  Cookies 2 , Easy Bake Treats, Play Home Lite, Toca Hair Salon, Toca Monsters, MrPotatoHead, Fairy Tales,

Story Telling:  Storykit, Storymaker, Art Maker, Toontastic, Animator

Games for reinforcement and motivation; Wheres’s My Head, Where’s My Water?, Jar on a Bar, Pudding Monsters, Cut the Rope, Shark Dash,  Angry Birds, Feed the Dragon, Flow Free, Where’s My Perry, Sprinkle,  Fruit Ninja

Turn Taking:  Tap Roulette

Drawing/ Following Directions; Doodle Buddy, Educreations

Timers and Buzzers: Sound Effects, Time Timer, Buzz, Sand Timer

Augmentative Communication;  Sounding Board, Sono Flex Lite, Speech Buttons


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